Funeral Financing

When someone dies, the last thing family members worry about is how to pay for funeral or burial expenses. Funeral fees may be a significant hardship for families who have lost a loved one and do not have the funds to handle these last obligations. We've got some fantastic news for you if you're seeking aid with funeral costs or cremation services! We provide interest-free payment options so that our clients may finance their grief without worrying about paying it off right away.

What Is Funeral Financing?

Funeral financing is the process of funding a person's funeral expenses. It can be difficult to plan for your loved one, but it doesn't have to break the bank! A lot of people are underinsured or just don’t want their families' finances stretched thin after they die - which leaves many widows and orphans without enough money saved up in order to pay off all those bills that need dealing with right away: burials plot leases cremation urns headstones grave digging fees marker plaques plots internment memorial services gravestones Forever Rest Tribute tombs monuments caskets clones cryptos vaults niches mausoleums columbarium benches banks vault spaces refrigerators dispatch duty cash advance loans application forms payments schedules disbursements.

Financing for Funeral and Memorial Services

Because losing a loved one is never easy.

We offer convenient and affordable financing for funeral and memorial services so that you can focus on remember and honoring your loved one.

When a loved one dies, most people simply want to focus on their need to honor remember, and mourn the person Unfortunately, many details and often-difficult decisions must be handled at the same time. supports families by easing the financial burden of funerals and memorial services. Families may also choose one of our financing options when making pre-arrangements. has established trusting relationships with funeral professionals nationwide who provide access to our online services as a convenience to families.

Whether your loss is unexpected and unplanned, or you are making pre-arrangements, we are here to ease the financial burden of caring for the death of your loved one.

Why Finance a Funeral or Memorial Service?

The expense of a funeral or memorial service poses a real challenge to many families. They may lock readily available funds, or the sudden expense may require a disruption to the family’s financial investments. For these reasons, more and more families are turning to finance as a convenient and affordable way to celebrate the life of a loved one in a dignified and meaningful fashion.

Our Trusted Lenders works with only FDIC lenders to establish programs expressly for families wishing to finance funeral or memorial services. To qualify, the lender must meet our strict criteria, including ease of application, extremely competitive rates, no collateral requirement, no pre-payment penalty, and rapid (electronic) funding. You can be assured that all lenders that appear on our portal have met these arduous requirements.

What Expenses Are Covered?

Financing is available for all items relating to funeral and memorial services, including:

  • Pre-need or at-need services of the funeral professional, such as
  • Staff, overhead, and facility charges
  • Embalming
  • Transportation and motor equipment
  • All related goods, such as caskets, vaults, and urns
  • Any item that appears on the estimate provided by the funeral professional.
  • Cash advances for expenses, such as
    • Cemetery or crematory charges
    • Clergy honoraria
    • Flowers and musicians
    • Obituary notices
    • Gratuities
    • Death certificate
    • Medical examiner fees
    • Any cash advance item that appears on the estimate provided by the funeral professional.
  • Other expenses, such as
    • Gatherings after services
    • Transportation to and from services
    • Monument purchase and installation
    • Any time or expense reasonably related to the funeral or memorial service.

How Does It Work?

Funeral financing is a complicated process, but it can be straightforward if you have the right information. The first step in funeral planning should include an estimate for all necessary costs and then work from there to figure out what kind of arrangements will best suit your budget without going overboard with luxuries that may not fit into the funds available during one's lifetime or becoming discouraged by exorbitant prices charged by cemeteries close to where they live.

If someone dies intestate (without writing any instructions), probate court jurisdiction kicks in; this usually happens only when assets worth more than $100k aren't left outright as well as those handled through living trusts instead unless approved beforehand under certain conditions. There is a big difference between having money to pay for the funeral and not knowing how to get it, whether from insurance or elsewhere; thus, this isn't something anyone should be ever forced into if they don't want to go that route. Casket shopping online can speed up things in such cases since there are many affordable.

  1. You will be guided by your funeral professional to the website.
  2. You answer a few brief questions and submit a form. Please note: This process does not impact your credit score.
  3. Within moments, you will be notified if you pre-qualify.
  4. Your funeral professional will take this information and you will continue with the conference to discuss the arrangements.
  5. Shortly, you will receive an email asking you to complete the online application process.
  6. When the process is complete, the funds will be electronically deposited into the account you designate.
  7. You may now use these funds to pay the funeral professional for their services.

Applying for Funeral Financing

Mourners in the United States typically do not need to secure a loan before paying their respects and laying flowers at the graveside. However, this may be different if you live outside of America's borders or have an unusual financial situation such as being unemployed due to directly handling arrangements yourself instead of setting up plans with friends/family members who could help cover costs involved when dealing death into one’s life.

However, this is not always the case. Recently more and more mourners are resorting to pre-planning, where they can purchase a casket, an outer burial container (such as a vault), funeral expenses before their death to cut down on costs or manage arrangements by themselves. This also helps you get the most out.

Pros and Cons of Funeral Financing

The advantages of funeral financing are many. You can use the money for your loved one's final expense, which could be anything they want or need in life; it also frees up cash flow since there won't necessarily be any more expenses coming out of his/her paycheck every week after death has occurred. The costs will sometimes go down if an immediate family member takes over paying bills on behalf of that person who passed away because then you're responsible only to pay debts associated with him/her instead - but again this depends solely upon what kind of debt was incurred by passing.

The disadvantages of funeral financing are that you'll be subjected to high-interest rates, and even end up paying quite a bit more than you would have if you had paid for it entirely at once without any financial assistance (and by "paying" we mean the cost of having the service performed). However, chances are your loved one is already dead.

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